Stretch Your Body Stretch Your Mind


Stretch Beyond Massage targets fascial lines in the body and the neuromyofascial web, while incorporating various traditional massage techniques at the same time. This unique combination of fascial stretch and massage therapy, integrated in the same session, optimizes results in pain management, rehabilitation and functional training. 

The combination of these services will relieve stress points in muscles BEFORE they result in restriction or spasm, increase flexibility, sharpen mental focus and decrease performance anxiety on all levels.

Traditional massage addresses muscle tightness as well as the parasympathetic nervous system. Chiropractic addresses structural alignment as well as the central nervous system. Fascial stretch uniquely targets the neuromyofascial system, linking the former two systems together.

We offer therapies in the form of passive and active table stretch, integrated stretch massage, multilevel group stretch, meditation and breathing class


Fascial Stretch 60 min $120


Assisted fascial stretch in a table modality format that works by using traction and moving joints along with surrounding tissues to help muscles and connective tissue simultaneously relax. May be provided with or without PNF. Focuses on restricted movement in all planes of motion to maximize flexibility while using mild pressure with no pain.  Generates fast recovery:

  • Increased blood flow to tired and sore muscles
  • Increased ROM
  • Improved performance
  • Faster injury rehab from breaking up scar tissue
  • Weight loss as a byproduct of feeling better moving better and burning more calories

Integrated Massage 60 min $100


Therapeutic massage consisting of various techniques that are customized in a single session. This treatment is formulated around a core STRETCH BEYOND MASSAGE protocol. The focus is on the client’s prevailing need, reduction of muscle tension and stiffness, relieved muscle spasms, increased joint and limb flexibility and increased range of motion.

Group Stretch 60 min $20


Guided group format classes in which participants will experience self-administered fascial stretch techniques combined with breathing and mindfulness exercises designed to relax, refresh and renew.


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